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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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Revolutionizing the Preserving and Sharing of Videos

YesVideo is the first company to offer a truly convenient way for video camera households to be able to share and preserve the millions of hours of home video that are stockpiled in homes today. Unfortunately, videos deteriorate with time as well as with use.

Videotapes can show signs of degradation in as little as five years.
While DVDs will last a lifetime, until now it has been very expensive to transfer videos to computer disks at local studios. Editing software is increasingly available, but today's busy families have been reluctant to invest the time and expense necessary to purchase, install and learn the software and hardware.
YesVideo offers a simple, convenient process for transferring videos to DVDs, allowing busy families to easily preserve their memories from neglected videos. YesVideo customers are enjoying their videos more because their favorite scenes can be viewed in any order just like any Hollywood movie DVD; without wiring their camcorder to their TV or blindly fast forwarding through their home video.

YesVideo's Mission

To be the preeminent provider of video digitization services by transforming Best-of-Class video engineering into automated software solutions that enables DVD video publishing on demand for consumer and commercial video, and is scalable from PCs to the world's largest DVD-R production facility.

YesVideo Solutions

For home video owners who want to preserve and share their videos easily, the solution is as simple as dropping off their video tape or old 8mm film, 35 mm slides and even old photos at a nearby store, just like processing film. Within fourteen days the customer receives their completed DVDs in a customized case featuring images from 54 intelligently selected chapters along with the original material.

The provider of YesVideo products in Australia and New Zealand is YesVideo Australia, which shares premises with CD-ROM Services Australia, one of the original and now one of the largest disc duplicating, disc printing and packaging companies">

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