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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service
Digital Scrapbook Photo from DVD

Digital Scrapbook™ is a way to edit and share video and photo memories.

Digital Scrapbook™ is powerful multimedia software that may be added on request to a YesVideo transfer order.

Digital Scrapbook™ does not work with Macintosh Computers, does work with Windows XP, but unfortunately not compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and later systems.

Digital Scrapbook™ can be included on request on the same disc that contains the Hollywood-style YesVideo features when viewed on a TV.

Digital Scrapbook™ is a built-in Window XP PC application that launches when the DVD is placed in the PC. Video clips and photos from the YesVideo digital transfer are already loaded onto the software.

Digital Scrapbook™ is relatively easy to use, although it does require some knowledge of computer use. You can:

Digital Scrapbook™ with your next YesVideo order!