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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service
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New Services

YesVeo specialise in transfering your Video tapes and films and we now offer the service of transferring your collection of
Audio Cassettes,
DVD Videos
and Music CDs
to USB
or Hard Drive.

Bondi Junction store NOW.
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Refresh your memories to newer technology
With the approaching end of Audio Cassette, DVD & CD players, in addition to the standard transfer price YesVideo can convert your transfers to the most suitable format and save your video tapes, CDs, Cassettes and DVDs onto a USB flash drive big enough to hold all your transfers for $22.


YesVideo can also transfer your videos to a hard drive (price on application).

USB Hard Drive

YesVideo can now recover video from damaged DVDs including 8cm direct to disc recordings.

YesVideo will add up to 3 Title lines for tapes converted to each DVD or 1 title line for tapes converted to USB if you:
1. Number your original videos with a marking pen and then: 2. Email us a list with the item number and title to copy.
Please keep each line to 36 characters.

           Exclusive YesVideo Features

High quality low priced transfers from Video Tape and Film, Audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs
DVD, USB and Hard Drive

Don't trust your precious memories to amateurs.

VHS to DVD - baby image fading
DO IT NOW, before your precious memories fade away.

"...Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did with my video to DVD, last week. I have just received it back, and am very impressed with it, especially the name on the DVD, and all the photos on the DVD cover." ...more.
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SPECIAL prices at Bondi Junction Store ONLY.

$22.00 per Tape per Hour to USB or DVD.
Minimum cost per job is $44.00.

For VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Video8.

1 hour tape is $22.00
2 hour tape is $22.00 2 x $22 = $44
3 hour tape is $22.00 3 x $22 = $66

5 tapes of 1 hour will be 5 x $22 - $110

$22.00 per audio cassette, audio CD or DVD to USB.

No extra cost for transfers to DVDs

$22.00 to convert all your Video Tapes, CDs, Audio Cassettes and DVDs to suitable format for USB and then $22.00 to convert & copy to USB in a suitable format, which includes a quality USB, plus the standard transfer price from each original.

Wait - there is more!

20 or more video and/or audio tapes less 10%.
50 or more tapes less 15%.
100 or more tapes there is an even bigger discount!

The time and cost per tape will be finalised after conversion, but as an estimate VHS and Hi8 tapes are assumed to be 2 hours unless we see that they are less on conversion, and MiniDV and VHS-C are charged as 1 hour long no matter the actual length.

All prices include GST.