Quote request and ordering with YesVideo Transfer of Video & Audio Tapes to USB and DVD is easy. Simply follow these steps        
YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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Fill out our Quote Request Form and we will email you a customised quote, usually within a couple of hours during business hours.

Quote request and ordering with YesVideo Transfer of Video & Audio Tapes to USB and DVD is easy if you know the length in minutes of each tape.
However, our pricing is based on the number of tapes and the video length in minutes of each tape. If you know the length of each tape, we can give you exact pricing.

However you are probably converting your tapes because you do not have a video player, so you cannot determine the length of each tape.
So it is not possible to quote until we convert the videos when our conversion process will give you the exact length to the second.

So let us give you some ideas of costs at our Bondi Junction store where there is currently a SALE.
Other locations could be different.

A mini-DV tape can only be a maximum of 60 minutes, so each tape will cost you $22.00 including GST. All the below prices include GST.  

A Hi-8 tape is usually a maximum of 90 minutes, and there are some that can be longer if recorded in LP mode. So if your Hi-8 tapes are an hour or less they will cost you $22.00 each, but if they are 90 minutes they will cost you $44.00 each.

VHS tapes are anything from 180 minutes to 5 hours, and are often in LP mode, which means that a 180 minute VHS will hold 3 hours of video. Each hour of video will cost $22.00.

The price of transferring is $22.00 per hour is the same whether you want us to give you the conversions on DVDs or on USBs or on both, but to convert to USB we need to go through extra processes, for which we charge an extra $22.00, which includes the USB.

We can fit 2 tapes each of under one hour onto each YesVideo DVD.
The minimum cost for even one video is $44.00.

When your job is complete each DVD or USB will show the lenth in minutes, and that is what we use to price your job. There are generous discounts for larger quantities.

Since we want to give you are full attention when you come in, please phone YesVideo at 02 9959 3472 to let us know the approximate time that you could arrive.

How To Order

YesVideo will add up to 3 title lines for tapes converted to each DVD or 1 title line for tapes converted to USB if you:

1. Number your original videos with a marking pen and then:

2. Email us a list with the item number and title to copy.

Please keep each line to 36 characters.

108 Bronte Road Bondi Junction
Bring your video tapes and video films to YesVideo at
Suite 7, Level 1, 108 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022.
Please phone first.

We are located about 8 minutes walk from Bondi Junction station, there is street parking usually just in front, and there is also parking in the nearby EastGate and Westfield shopping centres. We also can arrange collections from your home or work at a very reasonable cost.


Laptop with nearest store results

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that offers YesVideo video transfer services.


Order Bag with Media and photofinishing envelope

Fill out an Order Form at the store and include your media.


Disc and Case

In 2-3 weeks, often much less, pick up your finished YesVideo
with your original media at the store.