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Creating Storyboards: Exporting Your Storyboard

Once you've created a Storyboard in Digital Scrapbook, you can easily save it by exporting it. When you export a Storyboard, your Storyboard is saved as a movie file on your PC.

To export a Storyboard, click on File on the file menu bar and select Export Storyboard, or click on the Export Storyboard button at the bottom of the screen. The Export Storyboard window will open.

export video clips from YesDVD

You can choose the size and file format of your movie file.

  • If you export to a very large-sized file, your movie file will be saved in MPEG-2 (.mpg) format. This format allows the movie file to be played on Windows and non-Windows computers. (Note: This option is not available in all versions of Digital Scrapbook.)
  • If you export to a large-sized, medium-sized or small-sized file, your file will be saved in Windows Media (.wmv) format. The movie file can be played in Windows-based media players.
    • A large-sized file is exported at a high bitrate, recommended for viewing on your own PC.
    • A medium-sized file is exported at a medium bitrate, recommended for sharing via broadband connections.
    • A small-sized file is exported at a low bitrate, recommended for sharing via modem connections.

Both the exporting time and the size of the movie file will depend on the format you select and the number and duration of items in the Storyboard.

Note: If your computer does not have Windows Media installed, you can download from Microsoft's website.

To email the movie file, check the box next to "E-mail exported storyboard file?". This will save the movie file to your computer's hard drive and open a new message in your e-mail software with the movie file attached.

Once you have selected your option for exporting, click on the Export button to continue. Depending on the size of the file, exporting may take several minutes. Once you click on Export, you may cancel the exporting process at any time.

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