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Photo Features: Importing Photos

Import photos to include in a Storyboard

Select the photo files you want to import.

Importing photos to include in your Storyboard is fast and easy using Windows XP and YesVideo Digital Scrapbook!

To view only Photos in your Library, click on the Photos only button above the Library window.

To add new photos to your Library from your PC:

  • First click on the blue button below the Library which shows an icon of a file folder and a camera. A Select Photo File(s) window will open, allowing you to browse for files you wish to import.
  • Select one file and click the Open button in your browser window. You can also select multiple files by holding down the Shift or Control key while selecting files. Acceptable photo formats include JPEG, BMP and TIFF. The photo files will be copied and placed in your Library with your other photos.

You can also import images by clicking on the File menu bar, and selecting Import Photo. This will open the Select Photo File(s) window.

In the Library window, photos that came pre-loaded on the YesVideo will show this icon , and photos that were imported from your computer will show this icon .

Once you've imported photos into your Library, you can drag them to your Storyboard. You will now also be able to Edit, Email, or Print these images.

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