YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

Our Technology

YesVideo incorporates best-of-class video engineering into automated software that enables DVD and CD video publishing on demand for consumer videotape and movie film.

This means our customers get a perfect replication of their home video or movie film, with special features and still images, for an extremely affordable price. In 2001, consumers were paying up to $200 per hour for video transfers to DVD. YesVideo automated the process for video transfers to DVD, and brought the savings to you.

YesVideo has thirteen patents pending in the areas of scene detection in video, video compression, MPEG alignment, image clarification and DVD authoring. YesVideo is best-in-class in recognizing videotape content and compressing that information to a DVD. YesVideo currently operates the largest DVD-R custom disk burning facility in the world and gains economics of scale in labor and materials.

When we receive a videotape at order entry, a bar code is applied to it that ties the video to the owner and the point of origin.
Because the YesVideo process scans the barcode at every point, YesVideo knows where every video is at all times.

YesVideo has placed many safeguards into its process because we understand that the videotapes sent to us are precious to our customers, and have automated the process to keep human errors to a minimum.

Automation at YesVideo does not mean that the human touch is lost, however. Every DVD is reviewed by a quality control specialist before it leaves the building.

YesVideo now applies new technology to 8mm and 16mm movie film. By applying commercial movie frame capturing technologies into a consumer format, YesVideo has designed the best way to preserve old movie film onto DVD. The movie film is transferred directly to DVD, so that no information is lost in an intermediary videotape step. Essentially every frame of film is frozen and captured onto the DVD, resulting in a perfect capture of the film content.

Film to DVD

YesVideo's mission is to preserve memories and present them in a memorable way.
YesVideo engineering is the core of bringing our mission to life.