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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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The Technology and Service Provider for Legal Video

YESLAW VIDEO TO CDLawyers are beginning to discover the incredible power of video as a pre-trial and trial tool. In the past, video has been limited by high costs and technical complexity. Now, with economics of scale and breakthrough client software, YesVideo offers the most usable and cost-effective legal video solution through their reseller network.

No longer do litigators need to pay hundreds of dollars per hour to make deposition videos usable. Now at an MSRP of Aus$250 per videotape, lawyers are editing their depositions with YesEdit software which allows them to find, extract and use key video clips in trial presentation programs. Finally video can be used to its full potential as a pre-trial and discovery tool. Nearly all lawyers would like to use video more frequently as their "secret weapons" in trial -- now then can!

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YesLaw has a longer turnaround than other YesVideo products. Please contact us for details.



“We have come to appreciate the power of video in our presentations. By creating a wide range of video clips, we're ready for the various directions a case can take.”

- Colette Perkins, Hunton & Williams

"Because video footage has proven to be a very powerful tool, we use it in mediation and settlement hearings, as well as in the courtroom. Having the video footage and transcript synchronized allows us immediate access to the evidence."

- Derek Cole, Dickstein Shapiro

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