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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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Training and Corporate Video

Many companies have found DVDs to be extremely helpful in their ongoing struggle to communicate in the business environment. Many corporate trainers, for example, want to use video more frequently, but they find videotape cumbersome, frustrating and expensive. YesVideo's products are designed to allow companies to communicate their message easily and cost-effectively.

YesVideo DVDs are becoming indispensible for a growing number of corporate trainers, because:

Ease of Distribution

YesVideo products hold tightly to standard formats and the DVD is region free, which means it'll play on DVD players around the world that use the PAL TV system used in Australia.

On request, we can make YesVideos for NTSC TV systems, as used in the USA and Japan.

Having communications on DVDs make it easier to communicate specific messages. Recipients will be able to quickly access specific areas as chapters within the video, without spending time on the rewind and fast-forward buttons.

Superior Storage

Videotape content is usually expensive and often irreplaceable. With DVDs, YesVideo can preserve the quality of your videos for decades.

Each DVD comes with an attractive DVD case with a visual index of your video for efficient cataloging of your video assets.

Publishing on Demand

Don't know how many video copies you need? YesVideo allows companies to publish digital media on demand, so that they can produce copies when they need them without storing tens, hundreds or even thousands of videotapes.


"The YesVideo service is superb for our videos. We see a huge opportunity in offering DVDs; YesVideo allows us to ease into the future of digital media in a way that makes sense for us. We look forward to dramatically promoting this service to our customers!"

Chuck Mervin,
Gabriel Media


“We're so glad we found YesVideo! They were the easiest way to convert our whole series of training videos to DVD. We knew we needed to offer our videos on DVD, and YesVideo made it easy and cost-effective. Their CD software has proven to be a very useful way to allow our customers to interact with our content. And their staff is extremely knowledgeable. I just wish we would have found them sooner!”

Karl Young,
Video Language Products

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