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YesVideo VHS Tape to DVD service

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Wedding and Event Videos

The best way to deliver a professionally-crafted wedding or event video is on a DVD. YesVideo makes it extremely simple to offer a high-quality product at a reasonable price - that will save you time and make you money.


YesVideo Makes It Easy

You have already invested hours of time in editing your videos. YesVideo makes it very easy to preserve it onto a DVD. You don't need to tell us where to make chapter breaks -- we do it automatically based on the changes in the video content.

The YesVideo service is dramatically easier than burning your own DVDs. Many of YesVideo's customers have tried making their own DVDs -- and given up. They realize that their time is better spent building their business instead of sitting in front of expensive DVD-burning equipment. Just send YesVideo your final, edited video with our very simple order form and we will do all of the heavy lifting of transferring the video to DVD for you.

Custom Private Label Packaging

Only YesVideo packaging is customized with a convenient chapter index of 54 thumbnail images depicting the intelligently-selected chapters on the DVD menu, allowing your customers to preview and select their favorite scenes. YesVideo adds your custom titles and adds your or logo to every package and disk.

Wedding-themed DVDs

As an added bonus, YesVideo can also create DVDs with a wedding-themed scene selection interface, perfect for your wedding clients.

Variable Bit Rates

Just tell us the length of your video, and we will optimize the bit rate to capture the quality and detail from your tape. From 15 minute to 2 hour tapes, your DVDs will now have the highest level of quality.


“I’ve found YesVideo to be incredibly valuable for our business. We send them any DVD conversion job that doesn’t require customization. And they always deliver. They’re fast, they don’t require any of my time to define chapter points, their audio/video quality is superb, and their price can’t be beat. The packaging is very slick and professional, ready to give to my clients when I receive it. I’m glad I found them.”

Kelly Priest,
Dream Video Productions


“YesVideo has proven to be a very part of our company, especially since most of our customers request DVDs. I'm glad to have a partner in the DVD business that consistently delivers compatible, inexpensive and high-quality DVDs."


Mark Shepherd,
Shepherd Video Productions



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